Spring/Summer 2007


Hello to all OTH fans & partners—

May our teamed efforts expand the Kingdom!

Wow! The Lord is really using OTH as vessels of truth.
We connected in big ways with the guys at The Potter’s House & the girls at House of Hope, both faith-based rehab centers. The students at Clemson were moved by our music & message. This is what Tim, the college program director, said:
“The feedback that my intern and I have received has been very positive. [The students] really enjoyed your style, the band’s sound, your new female singer and of course the overall message in your testimony and music … you reached them effectively.”
Please pray for our friends at IF Coffeehouse—Gunnar, she’s a precious child of God that’s been living on the streets for many years that really connects with what the Spirit is saying in our music & Joe (not real name), the nicest cross-dressing ‘guyirl’ you’d ever want to meet who likes our music & probably needs to meet Jesus.
Please pray for Melody (OTH singer) & the female high school senior she met at a gig a while back. They’ve grown close & God’s moving in a powerful way there!
Please pray for my friend, Ben, a quad, who recently spent a few days in the hospital with an infection & is facing 2 imminent surgeries.
And my friend, Mark, who lives in Florida, really needs to be lifted up.

ONE TREE HILL—Voted 1 of the top 4 “inde” bands in Atlanta by Contemporary Christian Music magazine AND we’ve never played mega-church & are proud of it!
We go where God says to go & connect with one, small, intimate audience at a time with music that matters.

Mar 3, 7pm The Potter’s House [rehab - Jefferson]
Mar 8, 8pm 1st Baptist Clemson
Mar 17, 5pm House of Hope [rehab - Decatur]
Mar 23, 9pm IF Coffeehouse [Little 5 Points]
Apr 20, 1130am Woodward Academy FCA [East Point]
Apr 27, 8pm Westminster Reunion Party [Atlanta]
May 9, 730pm Primary Purpose Recovery [rehab - Decatur]
May 11 Run for Life [PA only – Cumming]
May 16 Mt Vernon Presbyterian School [Atlanta]
May 18, 7pm CT Grinders Coffeehouse [Cumming]
Jun 8, 9pm IF Coffeehouse [Little 5 Points]
Jun 15, 8pm The Timothy House [rehab – Talking Rock]

Thanks for your support—
Lord bless all to his glory!
One Tree Hill
acoustic driven ◊ Americana ◊ music that matters



 Much Appreciated Tongue Wagging About OTH ...

"Patrick, the angels are obviously watching over you."

Amy Grant

"One Tree Hill gives upbeat acoustic folk-rock a refreshing variety of sounds--in a way reminiscent of Caedmon's Call. Impressively thoughtful lyrics round out their very professional act - 1 of the top 4 inde bands in Atlanta."

CCM Magazine

"Songwriters do not have to bear their soul to write good songs. If they do bear their soul, they‘d better be good. Patrick Lloyd of One Tree Hill does and is!"

Eddie Owen, Eddie's Attic

"This band is not to be missed. Everyone loves their blend of acoustic folk/pop with poetic and challenging lyrics."

Borders Books, Atlanta

"[One Tree Hill is] a chance to hear great music, moving lyrics and another top-notch local band."

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Great show … sound is truly unique … spiritually moving songs."

Danny, someone in the audience at Eddie's Attic

“OTH has been blessed with southern folk-rock roots to arrive at a clean yet raw sound … harmonies nailed without effort."

GRASSROOTS Independent Music, Houston


Jerome Olds

"Trilemma [OTH's latest CD] is mature & well-paced … sublimely spiritual."

Creative Loafing, Atlanta

"[Your] lyrics are indeed powerful. Your ministry and spirit continue to impress me. You combine realism and godliness well."

Dr. James Denison, Pastor, Park Cities Baptist, Dallas

"I heard OTH at a gathering of many ages at First Pres Houston.
They reached us all—and touched and moved our hearts."

Leighton Ford, President, Leighton Ford Ministries, Charlotte, NC

"[OTH], your music was balm for the soul. You are hero[es]—broken, redeemed, whole, gifted. Your music is so very important. I was particularly moved by the words in your music."

Dr. William Clarkson, President, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta

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