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 Water Dance

Books, television & movies and Shamu on my honeymoon are the sum total of my actual connection with whales. Yet, I've always had an inexplicable affinity for whales. After reading an anonymous riddle (from which I copped a few phrases) circulating around the office about whales, it struck me that the whale and God share many characteristics. Large and powerful, yet gentle and loving. Deeply mysterious, known but largely unknown. These characteristics have intimidated man over the years, often leading to fear, resistance, even lashing out in anger. Hence, this letter from whale (or metaphorically, God) to man.

Little Way Out

This is our song about prayer, simply reminding us to pray when times are good as well as when things aren't going so well.


Trilemma is a term coined by the author Josh McDowell, referring to the cerebral quandary regarding Jesus Christ when considering his extravagant claims about being the Son of God, the messiah, one with the Father, the only way to the Father, etc. Having made such claims, McDowell rather poignantly points out that Jesus must be either a liar, lunatic or, indeed, Lord.


The dogwood turns color in early fall before any other trees in the mountains of North Carolina, leading all birds flying south to a plentiful source of food. The bird, in turn, helps the dogwood by spreading its seeds (in a bountiful bed of fertilizer, I might add) across the lands. This fascinating 'ecology of things' serves to remind me of His providence and that He will provide for us. I read about this particular ecological wonder in a novel called Cold Mountain.

Winds of Wheat

Sometimes a song needs to do nothing more than provide a safe place for us to go. Fly with us out over the fields, swept up in His arms, His Spirit.

The Forest

We all have our struggles, our demons, holding us back or weighing us down. Scripture teaches that there is a spiritual war going on right now regarding each of our souls. It's tempting to disregard this as exaggeration, metaphor, etc. But if you, like us, embrace the mysteries of the Bible, we must choose a side in this war, and call out to be rescued from the throws of this battle. This is our imprecatory Psalm.

Walk on the Water

This is your chance to explore the fathoms of faith as seen through the victory of Noah and the courageous defeat of Peter. The vessel employed in this song, walking on water, has particular personal significance, considering my paraplegia.

This Little Red Car

In late '97 or early '98, there was a Volvo television commercial extolling the virtues of Volvo's safety features, concluding (if you can believe it) with the statement that Volvo might even save your soul. I immediately thought to myself that only Jesus can save your soul, but then couldn't help exploring in my mind using a car as a metaphor for Jesus. The metaphor played out quite nicely. Hence, the birth of this song about a car that can indeed save your soul. Particularly poignant, given the significance that most of us westerners (including believers) attach to what car we drive. By the way, the Volvo ad was yanked very quickly.

Blanket White

A few winters ago, Catherine (my wife) and I had the privilege of enjoying a night snow up in the mountains while on a retreat. What a wonderful metaphor for his Spirit.


This song explores moving from darkness to the light, but not from the typical perspective of where one is going--into the light--but from the perspective of where one has escaped from--the darkness. Kind of like, in order to appreciate the resurrection, one should first embrace the pain of the cross.


This song is our prayer that goes out to all the young people who have felt it necessary to run away from home, sometimes for good reason, only to end up living on our city streets.


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