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This song chronicles my many vain attempts to find the eternal in things external, only to leave me once again thirsty for that drink of water that will quench my longing forever.


When he awakens inside us, when the flame begins to burn unhindered, we have no choice but to want more.

Raisin' Cane

Grace--no matter what we've done, he loves us. Endlessly. God sent this song my way the night before I was to play for 500 of the most hardened criminals in the Georgia penal system.

Hope to Find

If we follow him, he promises us the taste of fruit of which he is the vine. Through his grace, may it be so.

Eleven Horses

He called, trained and ultimately commissioned eleven guys to spread the truth of who he was all the way to the ends of the earth. Eleven guys on that hill in Galilee. I had just read a novel based on Celtic lore where horses were held in such high esteem.

Carry me Heaven

I've never been sailing, yet its my fantasy to one day have a sailboat named Heaven. Such a natural means of propulsion. An effective metaphor for his Spirit fueling us in this life.

The Door

I'll never forget the day I finally heard him knocking and opened the door. He came rushing in and sat down with me in spirit. And I shared a meal with the creator and ruler of this universe. My life was changed forever.

Steal my Heart Away

A love song to Catherine, my wife in Christ.

For the One

While practicing law, I would walk the streets of Atlanta, not at all comforted by the towers of materialism surrounding me. Something was still missing. I was still looking for the One who was gonna save me.

And I Want Love

In 1 Cor 13, Paul talks so eloquently about the love that we are to have for each other in Christ. Of the many powerful things in Christ available to us, such as faith and hope, love is the greatest.

Why Should He Die

He is the creator and ruler of this world, indeed, the entire universe. He does not need you and me. Yet, he chose to create us, knowing that to do so would lead to his suffering in Jesus at the cross. Incredible! See Psalm 8.

He's Alive

A celebration of the wonderful fact that we worship a God who is alive today.

Holdin' On

In all things God works for the good of those who love him. No, I am not glad to be in this wheelchair, nor do I believe God wished me here. But here I sit, and its no doubt his will that we move forward together for his glory. It took seven years and a lot of grace for me to embrace this truth.

Still my Soul

Just a reminder that only in Jesus can we find peace amidst the storms of life.



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