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The Edge

It's so hard to resist the desire to stay in the comfort of the nest, even when we know that to fly closer to Jesus means going over the edge and trusting him to spread our wings.

Mary's Song

What would it be like to have been Mary cradling the baby Jesus at his birth, knowing that this tiny and seemingly helpless child was actually the world's savior, God himself. See Max Lucado, God Came Near, pp. 35-37.


Although Malcolm X did much to help free blacks from the atrocious white oppression of the day, it seems his belief in the black muslim movement kept him from using his charisma and leadership abilities to fight for the King of kings, and, therefore, perhaps do even more good.

Walk on the Water

This song explores that mysterious thing we call faith through the victory of Noah and the failure of Peter.

Windows to Heaven

Many of us are holding on to the hurt and anger of a life experience of the past, usually a loss of some kind. I held on to the loss of the use of my legs for seven long years. What are you holding on to that's keeping you from looking into the eyes of Jesus and telling him the truth of just how you feel?

No War Horses

Imagine how difficult it must have been for Zechariah the prophet to speak of Christ coming in lowliness and humility, riding a donkey, when war horses, battle and bow were the order of the day.

Strange Light

I am sure that the first light of life out of the darkness of the womb felt strange indeed to all of us, and the light that exposes our sin is always at first treated by us like a foreigner, and stranger yet to think this same light, Jesus, makes our path clear to the Father.

Many Times in Many Ways

Madame Vanier chose to follow Jesus by leaving her home in Montreal and going to France, but now, her health will keep her from ever returning home to visit her two sons. When we choose to follow Jesus, it's not just a once in a lifetime proposition, we must do it many times and in many ways. See Henri J.M. Nowen, The Road to Daybreak pp. 45-46.

Blue Steel

It's sad to think that millions are brought up with no healthy family support, left at a young age to fend for themselves in city streets that teach survival in terms of the flesh rather than the spirit. It is no wonder that many turn to their rage and put their faith in a gun.

It's Forever

All of us are scared of its uncertainty, but death is coming at its whim and unknown hour, and it's forever. But forever can be a wonderful experience if we have made the choices necessary to place us in the arms of the Christ.

All That We Need

If we look around our world and see the signs of the end of this age, one might quickly realize that Christ is the only stable, unchanging thing that we have. Thank God that is all the we need.



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